Above, below and on previous (home) page roundel No 3 - some of our NSW-based Young Monarchists.

Why do we do it?

Because we care passionately about the Australian way of life and want to ensure that our relative right to act freely under a dispassionate Crown continues for our descendants, we oppose any change to the structure of our governance. The Crown’s protection has seen us through our entire history and has enabled a democracy the likes of which can hardly be bettered. This is why we believe and act as we do.

We are arguably the most active monarchist organisation in the country and combined with the many MPs & Senators with whom we have contact we are able to have our views put forward in the Parliament, which is our first line of defence against a move towards a republic or other detrimental change to our Constitution. Click here for membership information.

The Australian Monarchist League is an activist organisation. We have a large team of youthful spokespersons ready to face the media and to oppose any moves towards a republic.