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Q. Why do republicans argue for an Australian head of state?

The argument "we want an Australian head of State" sounds trendy but is actually meaningless. Whenever republicans are asked what they actually mean by this they generally cannot explain. The term ‘He... read more..


Q. Why isn’t there a political party based on monarchism?

This is something the League has looked at for some twenty years. The problem is, if say the AML became a political organisation, we would lose most of our active members who are members of the Libera... read more..


Q. Should we adopt our own resident monarch after the Queen’s reign?

Whilst this seems to be feasible, we do not believe that the establishment of a separate Australian monarchy would be acceptable to the people. Even if it were, it would take very careful drafting to ... read more..


Q. Why is the Queen not an Australian citizen?

As Sovereign, the Queen is the font of Australian citizenship. Our passports are issued in the name of the Governor-General as Representative of the Queen. As Sovereign she is not nor cannot be a citi... read more..


Q. Are there any benefits in becoming a republic?

There are no discernible benefits as we already have as good a system as is humanly possible to devise but the answer below will address some of the points which republicans believe. Republicans ofte... read more..


Q. How is the monarchy financed?

With a history of over a thousand years our monarchy has had ever-changing finances which were known about by few and understood by fewer. Today, the internet can reveal factual as well as incorrect a... read more..

Our Media Spokespersons

Ben Mitchell, Maitland

Mobile: 0458 929 202 Email: ben.mitchell at Ben is Secretary of the League’s Sydney Young Monarchists. Ben started work as a general farm hand on his family property in the northern... read more..

Stability Sovereignty Tradition


It is easy in this age of globalisation to spurn tradition as being an unnecessary encumbrance from the past but in fact tradition reveals the past as an integral aspect of living now and in the fut read more..

Stability Sovereignty Tradition


Sovereignty is the supreme and ultimate Authority in society and is held by the monarch (aka Sovereign) on behalf of the people. By declaring an oath of loyalty to the Monarch one declares it throug read more..

Stability Sovereignty Tradition


One very particular and unquestionable fact about Australia’s governance since the late eighteenth century is its stability.The processes of law and governance have remained solid at all times. Even read more..


Privacy policy

THE AUSTRALIAN MONARCHIST LEAGUE'S PRIVACY POLICY Your privacy is extremely important to us. The Australian Monarchist League is committed to respecting your privacy and upholding the security of yo... read more..

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