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June 2015

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Who What Why


Who Are We? The Australian Monarchist League is the largest member-based monarchist organisation in the country. We are an incorporated association established to uphold Australia’s system of constit... read more..

Who What Why


What Do We Do? The Australian Monarchist League lobbies politicians and informs members, the public and young people (through its schools programme) on the benefits of having a constitutional monarch... read more..

Who What Why


Why do we do it? Because we care passionately about the Australian way of life and want to ensure that our relative right to act freely under a dispassionate Crown continues for our descendants, we o... read more..


Elizabeth II is the permanent protector of our Constitution

Elizabeth II is the permanent protector of our Constitution. By her very existence the Queen and her successors ensure that our democracy, embedded in the Constitution, remains inviolate. Over-ambitio... read more..

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